Business, pleasure, vacation… it doesn’t matter, at some point in our lives we all leave our hometown and visit another spot. It could be a quick trip to a nearby town or a flight to London for a business meeting. It doesn’t matter what kind of trip it is your normal routine is probably thrown out the window. You won’t have a familiar run if you go running, you’re in a new gym that might have different equipment, you’re exhausted from traveling or you can’t prepare your own meals. This is just stuff we need to compensate for when traveling and staying fit.

Here are my tips to help you:

  1. Pick yourself up some quality gym gear from Premier Sports and Fitness¬†ensure you’re at your best by being comfortable.
  2. Workout early in the morning – get it over and done with.
  3. Keep your workouts short and quick, fast bursts are perfect while travelling.
  4. If a gym isn’t available nearby, do body weight exercises.
  5. Even if a gym is close, I’ll probably still do a body weight routine.
  6. Remember and track everything while travelling, you’re going to be eating out more and potentially could be eating more calories than you’re burning.
  7. With that being said you might be so busy that you forget about meals. Make eating a PRIORITY! If you’re out and about constantly like I was in London and constantly walking and getting the tube. You’re going to need to be eating more calories.

Pick your battles! just don’t patch the gym.

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